Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As my closest friends know, I've lived in the same great apartment for 4 years. I have tossed around with the idea of moving out earlier this year, but I wasn't ready... But now- I've finally decided to take that step and move. And I realized today, that I'm kind of scared...
That means no more roommate, new decor and furniture, and a new neighborhood to get to know. At first I was very excited and could not wait to start looking and viewing places... Well I walked through my first potential apartment last night, and now I have mixed feelings- a little nervous but excited at the same time.
I try to welcome change, but this is so big! I will be living on my own, in a new place.. and winter is on its way... I keep thinking, 'what if I become a hermit in the winter, staying in all the time because it's depressing living alone?' Geez, someone please keep tabs on me and drag me out if I've gone missing for days at a time.

What was your first 'living alone' experience like?

What advice can you give this scared-of-living-alone girl?


  1. Well I've never lived all alone. But from a girl who has had MANY roommates....roommates can often be torture. So I think living alone would be lovely. Everything the way you want it with no concern for anyone else! I'll make sure to check on you and your hermit possibilities! :)

  2. I put down a security deposit to hold the unit in my name!!! EEEK!!
    This is all happening so fast! I can move in next week!

  3. What?!?! That's amazing! I want more details asap! Is there a website? Pictures? Will you be moving next week? Can we help?


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