Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coveted Clutch

I know we've all seen it, heck, its all over my blog! The coveted, colorful, leather clutch, it can only be found at American Apparel And in SO many colors for only $50 each! Trust me, the leather is beyond perfect. You won't want to put it down..
So I already have and carry the Avocado green clutch, but I have been fussing over the Plum Ostrich for weeks now... I am really considering it. That perfect plum purple would be fab for fall. I am just not feeling that green for September through December... its just too spring-y. 'Goodbye' gucamole and 'hello' plum jelly on my english muffins with HOT coffee (no more iced lattes- I need my coffee HOT to keep me warm. Ooo.. If you're in the STL area, please check out Broadway Bean Coffee Shop! You can find me and Larry there M-F at 8am)

Its kind of depressing, but the best way to cheer any girl up... shopping! Online shopping always get me though, it doesn't EVER feel like I actually went shopping. Which, that can be a good thing, but for me its a really bad thing. It keeps me wondering... 'where did my paycheck go?'

Kisses to all!

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