Monday, August 29, 2011


Ok- so if you've been following religiously, which you all should be- hello!!! Earlier this month I posted a simple but constructive 'To-Do List.' And on it was my most motivating and inspiring to-do- learn to play the guitar... Well folks I can officially say that I have learnt. : )
Not like EVERYTHING, but I can play "Hey ya" and "Blowin in the wind" and even Taylor Swift's "Back to December."
I love it- the only part I do not like is the calluses that are continuting to harden on my first three fingers on my left hand... gross!! Ew I know. Sorry about that- but I kind of like to brag about them. Its like "I play the guitar- here feel my FINGERS!!" ahahaha.
Comment on which songs I should learn next!!
I'm thinking some Eagles, America, (I tried Simon and Garfunkle- but I do not like guitar picking...)


  1. I love it! Go Mattie!! I think you should learn one of Adele's songs since I'm loving them lately. And you should play for us Friday night!! :)

  2. Wow, I'm impressed! I tried to learn the guitar once but stopped when I started getting calluses! I agree with Jenn! Learn one of Adele's songs!


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