Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cheers to true gentlemen

I'm such a sucker for well mannered men. I think we all are... but some people never seize to amaze me when it comes to ill treated relationships. I often hear friends say that they have never met a man who opens doors, gives flowers, leaves random messages- well frankly I will not go out anyone who won't treat me with respect and kindness. I would not consider these manners to be 'special treatment.' Whatever happened to treating a lady like a LADY! This is an absolute reflection of themselves and how they treat others.
I also must admit, that we ladies tend to forget to be on our best conduct- sometimes, when out with a crowd I will slouch, or cuss, and even worse- belch... yikes... My most sincere apologies!

I must take a minute out of my day to recognize a true gentlemen. While driving through the country- he pulled over and picked me a daisy. Sadly, I stuck it in my brahmin and there it dried up and died... like so many relationships in the past! : \


  1. So cute! I remember in jr high when Marcos Esteves picked me a flower just like this - a black eyed susan.(interesting name...) I think it was the first flower any guy had given sweet.

    Of course my favorite and most recent flower experience was when Corey showed up to my work at lunchtime on my birthday with a bouquet of coral roses. With my love of coral they were perfect!

    Thanks for the reminder that to be treated like a lady I need to act like one as well!

  2. Boy do I feel silly... That flower IS a Black Eyed Susan! I can't believe I mistaken that for a daisy... insulting. LOL.
    Yes- we must take a moment to reflect on our actions/words. We can sometimes take the politeness from our partners for granted. Must give some extra lovin!!
    I am so excited for Saturday! Must. Take. Photos!! :))
    Corey is such a sweet heart by the way- full of wonderful, heartfelt surprises. I love you both Dearly.


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