Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Teal and Flowers

Loving this new polish I purchased the other day... its by Sally Hansen and GORGEOUS! It kind of clashed with my blue and white dress- but I still swooned over my nail color... all day.

I'm usually the first to arrive at the office in the mornings, but yesterday was a little special. My usual morning consists of checking into my office, browse emails, check bank balances, walk down to the Broadway Bean to get my latte, unabashingly wave at all the construction works who honk...
I just settled into my office when one of my co-workers comes back to say his usual "good morning", well yesterday- he handed me this beautiful flower. It took my breath away- I haven't been given a flower at 8:30 in the AM EVER! He explained it wasn't from him, but from one of our subcontractors... how sweet. I don't even know the guys name!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Ok- so if you've been following religiously, which you all should be- hello!!! Earlier this month I posted a simple but constructive 'To-Do List.' And on it was my most motivating and inspiring to-do- learn to play the guitar... Well folks I can officially say that I have learnt. : )
Not like EVERYTHING, but I can play "Hey ya" and "Blowin in the wind" and even Taylor Swift's "Back to December."
I love it- the only part I do not like is the calluses that are continuting to harden on my first three fingers on my left hand... gross!! Ew I know. Sorry about that- but I kind of like to brag about them. Its like "I play the guitar- here feel my FINGERS!!" ahahaha.
Comment on which songs I should learn next!!
I'm thinking some Eagles, America, (I tried Simon and Garfunkle- but I do not like guitar picking...)

Lots of Lovely Things...

I want to live HERE

Friday, August 26, 2011


I could not resist this little critter! Must be on my Phalanges ASAP! : )
haha. xoxo

Muliple Lovers

I've always been a huge fan of Steve Madden footwear. I own a couple SM pumps, they are the most comfortable shoe ever. Very well made and so cute- Wearable is key.
I haven't considered purchasing shoes in a while, so I thought I would take a peek at what was new online. SM has been on my mind for a while now, my good friend Jenn from, recently purchased some 'Toms' look-a-like and is completely in love. But like I said, I hadn't really commited to spending money- especially since I made a pretty large purchase on some JC's... But anyway, I was feeling adverterous (and because I just got paid yesterday) to do a little browsing, and I found the two  below. I LOOOVE the muli colored wedges, and the black pumps would be perfect in the fall with some black tights...
Oh what to do?!

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