Friday, July 29, 2011

Wine tasting at the St. Louis Zoo

Finally! I have a group of friends in one area that all get along so well!! My friends are beautiful, inside and out, and make me the happiest girl in the world! Where would I be without you all.
We had such a blast Wednesday night, we carried it on into the wee hours of the morning at Joey B's and Atomic Cowboy for some guilt-free dancing!

Cheers to Julie, Gabby, Jennifer, Amy and Chris!


It has been 21 days since I posted! My apologies!

So much has happened in the last 3 weeks. It seems the only variable that has not changed is my career. Its a good thing though.
My list of things to do in the coming months (the sooner the better):
1. Join a "Boot Camp" class with HellFish
2. Take guitar lessons
3. Buy a new car (this may have to wait until the end of year)
4. Change my hair style
5. Rearrange and redecorate my apartment

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Temtor Lofts

I toured the new lofts at The Temtor a few weeks ago, you can see an old post below. Well, I've been offered a great deal and it truly seems like a good fit. I have been feeling a little off lately and I believe change would be a great thing, so I could possibly be moving to South Carondelet :)
I have a brand spanking new loft in a historical warehouse being held for me until November. I picked mine out yesterday, and after some serious deliberation I have decided on the below apartment. It is on the top floor and has, what I think, an awesome floor plan. Great character, a decent view, open spaces and a nice entry walk way. I am very excited and I hope it lasts until my current lease is up. Enjoy the photos and comment if you like!

The entry way- bathroom straight a head with sliding wood door

further down entry way- opens to kitchen or bedroom to left

entering kitchen

Brand new appliances- I need to see about getting a mobile island

Living room- Love the WINDOWS!

Living room with Kitchen

entry to bedroom

Open clost/changing room

Inside bedroom- I will need to put something up above... plants?

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