Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Embodiment of Summer

How awesome has the weather been in Missouri? Amazing. But it won't last this weekend, I heard sloppy snow flakes on Saturday, and then back in the 60s by Sunday. This week of unbelieveable gorgeous weather has lead me dreaming of the full blown Summer!! This is my interpretation. Enjoy.

Cazh, loose outfits

Warm, breezy nights

Messy braids

Vacation getaways

Fresh and fruitful

Straw hats

Beach bumming

All day winery trips

Delicate details

Beachside dates

Fashionable Bicycles

Home grown goodies

Working weekends

Healthy helpings

Relaxing riverside

Anxiously waiting- many summer weekends spent flying to visit my friends


Porch swings

Nature admiration

Tempting treats

Garden weddings

Lakeside dreaming

Picnics in meadows

Beach hair


  1. Ahhh! Beautiful! I love it! Take me there....and...Please don't remind me about the nutso MO weather! :(

  2. *sighs* This post makes me happy...!


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